AS9100:2016/ ISO9001:2015 Certifed & ITAR Registered

cnc small hole edm department

Lock Wire Holes


Our Small Hole EDM Machines can drill holes as small as .010" through any conductive metals.  

Wire EDM Starter Holes

We have the capability to drill holes in material as thin as .0001" thick!

We can drill holes in material as thin as .0001" thick, and as small as .0008: diameter,

Broken Tap, Drill, Bolt removal


With our Small Hole EDM's, we can remove any size Broken Bolt, Tap, or drill without damaging your part!

Deep Hole Manifold Drilling


Small Hole EDM's are the perfect answer to those Deep holes, that may cross other holes in a manifold!

Finish Holes


Hole Tolerances of +/-.001" can be held in holes up to 9" deep!

Micro Holes


These holes are .013" Diameter with a +/-.0005" tolerance!